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The Eyes of Van Gogh is a story, never told before, of the twelve nightmarish months van Gogh spent in the insane asylum at St. Remy. Through hallucinations, terrifying dreams and wrenching memories, the film tells a tale of magnificent battles: to create - to connect - to love - to change the world. It visualizes the drive and complexity, the heroism and agony of a great artist and a great man. The film explores the theme of an artistic mind in torment, a creative soul in despair, an exquisitely sensitive being ravaged and destroyed by cruelty, wracked by indifference and loneliness, yet desperately seeking to live, to hope, to finish his work, to find a path other than those leading to madness or death.

美国最新电影梵高之眼Alexander Barnett 执导。搜猫电影网为广大网友收集了2005年由Dane Agostini Alexander Barnett Csaba Lucas Matthew Marchetti Edwin McDonough Keith Perry Roy Thinnes Ray Wasik Gordon Joseph Weiss John Alexander Dean Curtis John FitzGibbon Lee Godart Clarke Griffit 等领衔主演的梵高之眼在线观看,搜猫电影网还支持手机看免费高清版梵高之眼,非常方便,希望大家喜欢。



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